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Ages 2-3 years old. A fun and creative program designed to introduce the very young dancer to ballet and tap through the use of songs, games and exercises. Children are engaged through the use of hula hoops, puppets, costumes, musical instruments and many more colorful props. The fundamentals of each type of dance is incorporated into the class in an age appropriate manner.




Level 1 for ages 3-4. Level 2 for ages 5-6. A one hour class that includes 30 minutes each of ballet and tap. The program is designed to introduce beginning techniques and rhythms in both forms of dance in an environment tailored to the needs of a young dancer.





This class introduces the dancer to a structured  ballet dance class. The program concentrates on proper  technique and body alignment through the use of barre excersises, floor work and center combinations as well as ballet terminology and the understanding of the history of this invaluable dance form. Dancers are placed in classes based on age, level and prior training. Lenth of the class varies and is determined by age and level.




A student may advance to a Pointe class once they have mastered proper technique. The dancer must have a strong foundation in ballet which has provided the proper amount of strength as well as physical and mental maturity. Pointe classes are typically 90 minutes and must be taken in conjuntion with a 90 minute classical ballet class. It is the instructor's decision as to whether a student is ready to go on Pointe.




This class provides the dancer with the benefits of a structured dance program through the use of barre and center exercises and stretches as well as technical work utilizing jumps, turns, and dance combinations. The classes are energetic and fast paced which allows the dancer room for self-expression and interpretation of the music and its rhythm.



This style of dance is available to dancers with a strong Ballet and Jazz background. Lyrical dance uses the technical elements of ballet such as it's fluidity and freedom of movement. However, much like jazz, lyrical dance is very expressive.




The only dance form that originated in the United Stated. Tap is a language that uses rhythm and sounds while including the use of technique taken from both Jazz and Ballet. It is a wondeful way to let the music speak while you exercise your body.




Ages 4 to adult. This form of dance brings  traditional Irish Step into the present creating an enthusiastic and motivational Irish American dance.  Traditional Irish music is combined with popular songs creating a class that is both modern and traditional. Dancers are taught proper Irish Step technique. It is one of our most popular classes.




Instead of structured movement as in a Ballet class, comtemporary dance centers on a dancers own interpretations. The limitations of Classical Ballet are rejected and expression of the dancers inner feelings are favored. It is a more relaxed, free style of dancing and more suited to the well trained dancer.




Often referred to as Street Dance this style of dance is primarily done to Hip Hop music. The moves are fun, great excercise, and allows for a great deal of self expression. The class includes dance styles as seen in many of the Hip Hop movies and videos.




We offer a variety of dance classes and fitness programs for all levels of interest including . The classes are structured and developed for adults interested in the overall benefits of a dance or fitness class for both the artistic and physical benefits.  Great for dancers wanting to rekindle past training.  Schedules and information will be made available starting in late September 2014.



This program is offered to students who have expressed an interest in a more concentrated level of dance training. The students in this program are required to dance in one hour classes for a minimum of two  hours per week in two different dance genres. Ballet is a requirement. Also offered is Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Modern and Hip Hop. The weekly two hour requirement increases with level.




The Comany Classes provide a more serious and focused classroom environment and is offered to students by audition only. Students in this program have class requirements based on age and level. For more information please contact Susan Catricala.












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