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SUNDAY, MAY 19, 2024




                  Tickets for our 49th Recital will go on sale SUNDAY MAY 19, 2024 from 8am to 11am at the                                Dance Gallery. Should you decide not to come on the 19th, tickets will be available to purchase                          at the studio during class hours after May 19 and at the door the day of the recital performance.

              1.  The recital is on SATURDAY JUNE 8, 2024 at 2pm at Memorial Hall, 590 Main Street                   i                        in Melrose. All seats are reserved

              2.  Tickets are $25.00 which includes a $1.00 restoration fee for Memorial Hall required   
                    by the City of Melrose. There is a 6 Ticket minimum purchase per family but no maximum.

                    The cost of $150.00 for 6 Tickets is automatically added to each family's lesson account and                                 will be deducted once you purchase your tickets


               3.  We begin selling tickets at 8am on the day of ticket sales. It is first come first served.

                    The studio will open at 7am. If you decide to come before 7am there will be a numbered list

                    on the door for you to add your name and hold your place in line. You can then wait in your                                  car until the studio opens at 7:00. Be sure to add your name to the numbered list as soon as                                you arrive to reserve your place in line. We start calling names at 8am. You choose your seats,                            pay for them and you’re on your way.

               4.  No one is allowed to purchase tickets for another family. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE A TICKET                      FOR A DANCER. We do not allow dancers to sit with their families in the audience. If a dancer                            has completed all of their dance routines by intermission, and they do not have any dances                                to perform in the second Act, except for  the Finale, they will be allowed to sit in a supervised,                              reserved section of the auditorium until it is time for the Finale. No dancer performing in

                    Act II  will be allowed to sit in the auditorium to watch the show.


                5. On the day of the recital, all dancers are required to stay for the entire performance and 
                    perform in the FINALE which is a final dance routine involving the entire cast. We have found                              that when dancers leave after they perform, so do their guests in the  audience leaving a                                    practically empty auditorium for dancers performing in the later part of the show.

                    A few hours once a year should not be a lot to ask so that all the dancers get the applause

                    and recognition they deserve and worked so hard for. 

                    Instructions and a rehearsal schedule for the FINALE will be available by May 4. 

                    Safety is a priority backstage. For this reason, we need to limit the number of people allowed                              backstage and in the dressing rooms. Please address questions or concerns to members of                                our staff.

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