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It is the dancer's body that is his/her tool during a dance class. Therefore, it is necessary that appropriate attire be worn so that the instructor may properly observe and correct movement and placement of the dancer's body. Each type of footwear is uniquely designed and fitted to assist the dancer in performing and executing each style of dance. The instructor reserves the right to prevent a student from participating in a class without the proper shoes.


All required dance attire and shoes is available through the Dance Gallery. To keep costs down and for convenience only samples of all styles and sizes of shoes and dancewear are kept at the studio for fittings. Orders need to be prepaid and are placed on Mondays for delivery in 3-5 business days. You will soon be able to place your orders online for home delivery. The targeted date for this service is September 1.



YOUNG DANCERS: Ages 2-6 Black or pink leotard with pink tights. A skirt or tutu may be worn for Ballet class. Dance shorts may be worn for other classes. No pants of any kind.


DANCERS/FEMALE: Ages 7&Up Black camisole or tank leotard. Pink convertible tights for Ballet and black footed tights for Irish Dance. Tan convertible tights are required for all other classes. Black dance shorts may be worn except for non-recreational Ballet classes. No pants, sweatpants or capris please! Sweatpants or Jazz pants may be worn for Hip Hop with a t-shirt or tank top.


DANCERS/MALE: Ages 7&Up. Black Jazz pants or sweatpants with a white t-shirt



TAP: Baby Dance/Kinderdance - Revolution Slip-on Student Tap #802

         Beginner Tap - Revolution U-Shell #826

         Intermediate Advanced - Revolution Premium Jazz Tap Shoe #503R

JAZZ: Revolution Stretch Jazz Boot. Color and style varies by age and level.                             Consult with your instructor.

Ballet: Revolution Stretch Ballet #150. Beginners may wear Revolution

             Full-Sole Ballet #120

Lyrical: Half-sole lyrical shoe in Tan or bare feet

Hip Hop: Dansneakers such as Fierce by Capezio or any style by Bloch or                                      Revolution Dance.

Irish Dance: Revolution Stretch Jazz Boot in black #151. Hard shoes per the                                 instructor


*Hair must be neatly secured in a bun. NO MESSY BUNS


*No streetwear (except for Hip Hop), no t-shirts, pajama pants, boxers or  

  sweatpants. Cover-ups or sweaters must be appropriate dancewear and            must be able to be removed.

*Please consult with your instructor before purchasing dancewear or shoes     

  in case of any changes or additions to the Dress Code.




















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