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    We are now down to the final days of preparation for our “2023” dance recital. You will find instructions and information for the dress rehearsal and recital performances included in this notice. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have no matter how trivial it may seem. The calmer and more prepared we all are the smoother the show will run. 

All recital info is available on our website @ Click on the Recital Info Tab.

DRESS REHEARSAL:    Wednesday, June 7th   from 3:00 - 7:00pm

                                       MEMORIAL HALL, 590 MAIN ST. MELROSE

                                        Refer to Dress Rehearsal schedule for arrival times


RECITAL:             Saturday, June 10, 2023  -  PERFORMANCE AT 2:00 pm



       Dress Rehearsal is in FULL COSTUME.  Listed below are rules and guidelines that will be strictly enforced so this recital can be an enjoyable experience for everyone.


    1.  Dress rehearsal is not run in the same order as the recital.  A schedule of the order of the dress rehearsal will be provided by May 27th. 

         This will determine your arrival time and an estimate of when you may be finished.  The order of the Recital Performance on June 10th   

          will be provided  at the dress rehearsal. 


     2. Only parents of the students that are rehearsing on stage will be allowed in the auditorium.  All dancers must remain in the dressing       

         rooms until you are called. This will be strictly enforced.  NO GUESTS are allowed.


     3.  You are allowed to take pictures and videos at the dress rehearsal only and only of your own child.


           This presents a safety and privacy issue. Anyone taking pictures or videos during the recital will be asked to leave.


      4. The dress rehearsal will be run in full costume.  Proper shoes and tights must be worn.  Tights and instructions are included with your 

          costume.  Additional tights and shoes can be purchased through the studio.




    1.  On the day of the recital you must arrive at the Memorial Hall by 12:30 pm if you are in ACT 1 and 1:00 if in ACT 2 only. 

         (The order of the show will be confirmed at the dress rehearsal.)        


   2.  The doors to the auditorium will not open until 1:30pm– please inform your guests to plan their arrival

         accordingly. If the weather is poor there is not a large covered area to wait before the doors are open.

         Early arrivals will be asked to leave the auditorium before the doors can be opened.


    3.  Our policy for preparing and monitoring dancers backstage is as follows.  Because the dressing rooms and  

         backstage area are small it is necessary for us to limit the number of helpers.   The number of parents  

         needed per class will depend on the age and size of the group.  Parents interested in helping should notify  

         the school.  We will then choose the parents needed based on the order they signed up. 


    4.  Any class that has no performance in ACT II will be allowed to go into the auditorium and sit in a section

         reserved for students while they wait for the finale.  Their monitors will stay with them and direct them when they

         should return to the dressing rooms to prepare for the finale.  All help is appreciated and will be utilized where

         needed most. No dancers are allowed to sit with their families so please do not purchase a ticket for them.


     5.  Dancers are called to the stage area by classes 3 number before they are on stage.  When they are finished

          dancing they are held in the stage area until the next number begins to reduce the amount of noise when

          we open the  doors to the dressing area.  This also allows the monitors/parents  time to sit in the audience

          when their  child is on stage and return before the students are in the dressing rooms.


      6.  HAIRSTYLES: All dancers should wear their hair in a high bun unless otherwise instructed. No

           colored  elastics or clips. It is best not to wash your hair the day of the recital as it will be too soft and  

           difficult to  stay in place. The 4-5 year old dancers should wear their hair in curls with the hair along the

           face pulled back. 

       7.  MAKE UP: Dancers should wear a cream or beige color eye shadow over their entire lid and a

            darker  brown or chestnut color in the crease of the eye. After applying the lighter shadow to the lid, use

            the  darker color in the crease of the eye. Start at the inside corner, follow the crease along the bone and  

            sweep the shadow out to the outside corner. Like drawing a banana.   Black eyeliner should be worn

            along the top and bottom lashes. Older dancers wear false eyelashes.  All dancers should wear

            mascara and wear a Plum or Rose color blush depending on your  skin tone and Red lipstick.

            Makeup for younger dancers should be more subtle.




There is a 6 ticket minimum but no maximum purchase per family.  Your account will be billed $144.00 which will be credited once you purchase your tickets. Please refer to the "Ticket Information" on our website.  Order forms and information can be printed from our website and will also be available at the studio.



All regular classes are being held through Saturday June 3rd.  Each teacher, however has the option to run classes if they feel the students need the extra class. Your child’s teacher will tell you if they plan to run a class the week of  June 5th  and the day and time of the class. Notices will be sent by email.



Finale Instructions and a Finale Rehearsal Schedule will be available online.  Participation is mandatory for all dancers.

Do you have any questions now? Is this your first recital? We want this experience to be special

for all of us after all the time and effort that has gone into its preparation.


Please call if you need any questions answered.


Thank You,             


Miss Susan                 

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