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                                         RECITAL 2022 "FINALE"



About: The "Finale" is the last dance number in the Recital and our way of saying farewell to the audience and celebrating all our accomplishments. Participation in the "Finale" is mandatory for all dancers.

Theme:  The theme of the “Finale” is Moana.

Rehearsals: We have scheduled 7 rehearsals plus a mandatory rehearsal on June 9th.  Rehearsals are at various times to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules.  You should try to attend at least 4 plus the mandatory rehearsal on Thursday June 9th.  You can come to as many as you want beyond 4.


Costume: Look up “Moana” costumes online or go to YouTube and watch the song videos.  The easiest costume is on Amazon for $16.40 (kids size). Adult sizes are also available.  Otherwise you can wear a red, natural color or Hawaiian/Polynesian print tube top, t-shirt, tank top or bathing suit with a grass skirt ($3.00 for kids sizes from me).  Amazon and Oriental Trader have them for adults.  Wrap a red or natural color scarf or piece of fabric around your waist and over the grass skirt.  Add jewelry (optional) and flowers for your hair.  Google Polynesian costumes for ideas.  Need help?  Let us know.

There is also an "Irish Dance Finale".  Rehearsal schedule provided below.  Additional information will be provided in a separate notice for all Irish Dancers.



Thursday, May 26,   6:30-7:30

Saturday, May 28,   2:00-3:00

Friday, June 3,          3:30-4:30

Saturday,  June 4,    3:00-4:00                                     Saturday June 4,     4:00 -5:00

Sunday,  June 5,     11:00-12:30                                   Sunday, June 5,     10:00am  – 11:00

Monday, June 6,     4:00 – 5:00                                    Monday, June 6,      5:00 – 6:00

Tuesday, June 7,     5:00 – 6:00                                    Tuesday, June 7,      6:00 – 7:00  



MANDATORY FINALE REHEARSAL                            MANDATORY IRISH DANCE REHEARSAL                   

Thursday, June 9,  4:30-5:30                                         Thursday, June 9,     5:30 – 6 if needed  



MASKS:   We think its best if everyone wears a mask for the finale rehearsals.  We've worked so hard all year we want to be sure everyone stays healthy for the Recital.                       

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