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                                                                 DANCE GALLERY RECITAL 2023 "FINALE"

                                                           INSTRUCTIONS AND REHEARSAL SCHEDULE


About: The "Finale" is the last dance number in the Recital and our way of saying farewell to the audience and celebrating all our accomplishments. Participation in the "Finale" is mandatory for all dancers.


THEME:  The theme is “Mamma Mia” a Tribute to Abba


COSTUME: The costume for the Finale is clothing styles worn in the 70's and early 80's. An email with an attachment with pictures and a complete history of the clothing styles of that time period was sent to everyone on Wednesday, May 16. You should be able to get some great ideas from it. Please make sure that the dancer can move without restrictions in whatever they choose to wear. Avoid long dresses and be sure any pants are not too long. Dance shoes should be worn but if the outfit includes boots or street shoes they should be brought to the studio for approval. If you did not get the email with the clothing ideas please let us know and we will email it to you.


REHEARSALS: We have scheduled 7 rehearsals plus a mandatory rehearsal on June 8th.  Rehearsals are at various times to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules.  You should try to attend at least 4 plus the mandatory rehearsal on Thursday June 8th.  You can come to as many as you want beyond 4.


All dancers are divided into groups A through E and are organized by age not level. Group F is for "Everyone." Look for your class day and time to find what group you are in. If you take more than one class, I only listed one of your classes. Choose the date that you can come and then look for your "Group Letter" for your rehearsal time. The Rehearsal on Thursday, June 8 is mandatory for all dancers. You should attend at least 4 rehearsals in addition to the one on June 8.


I realize the rehearsals on May 27 and 28 are on the holiday weekend. We are having our regular class schedule on Saturday, the 27th so the earliest time we had available for a rehearsal was 2:00. We tried to schedule rehearsals earlier on the 28th so not to interfere with any afternoon plans or activities. 


Group A: Wed 6:30-8:00

Group B: Thurs 3:15-5:45, Wed 5:00-5:30

Group C: Sat 10:15, Wed 3:30

Group D: Tues 4:00, Wed 4:15, Thurs 5:45

Group E: Sat 9:30

Group F: Everyone


There is also an "Irish Dance Finale." A Rehearsal Schedule is provided below. Additional information will be provided in a separate notice for all Irish Dancers.


All Irish Dance Finale Rehearsals either precede or follow a Recital Finale Rehearsal.




Saturday, May 27: Group F  2:00-3:00                               Saturday, May 27:  ID 3:00-4:00

Sunday,   May 28: Group F 11:00-12:00                            Sunday,   May 28:  ID 10:00-11:00

                                                                                                Wednesday, May 31, ID 5:30- 6:30



                                             Groups C, D, E    3:30-4:30


Saturday, June 3: Group D 1:00-1:45

                             Group E 1:45-2:00 (with their partners)

                             Group A,B,C: 2:00-3:00

Sunday, June 4:   Group F  11-12:30

Monday, June 5:  Group F  4:30-5:30                                     Monday, June 5: ID 3:30-4:30

Tuesday, June 6:  Group F  5:30-6:30                                     Tuesday, June 6: ID 4:30-5:30



      Thursday, June 8: Group F  4:30-5:30                              Thursday, June 8: ID 5:30-?(End time TBA)

                          Wear your Finale Costume

                                                 ADDITIONAL CLASS INFORMATION:


*Irish Dance classes will be held on May 31st at their regularly scheduled time except for Senior Class at 5:30.

                             Senior Irish Dance class will be rescheduled at a time to be announced.


*All Solos will rehearse on Monday, June 5 from 5:30-6:30


*On Tuesday, June 6, the Tap class usually held from 5-6:00 will have class from 3:30-4:30.

                     The Lyrical class that is usually from 6-6:45 on Tuesdays will be held from 6:30-7:15

                     followed by Evie's solo from 7:15-8:00.


 On May 31, the Senior Irish Dance class from 5:30-6:15 will not be held and will be rescheduled    

  at a time to be announced.


 Unless otherwise specified, all classes end on Saturday, June 3.

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