The "Finale" is the last dance number in the Recital and our way of saying farewell to the audience. Participation in the "Finale" is mandatory for all dancers. The song this year is "If My Friends Could See Me Now" and is a tribute to all of our winning Boston sports teams. There is also an "Irish Dance Finale".  Information, instructions and a rehearsal schedule will be provided in a separate notice for all Irish Dancers.


All dancers must attend a minimum of 4 rehearsals with a mandatory  rehearsal on Thursday, June 6 which can be counted as one of your 4 rehearsals. You may come to as many rehearsal as you want but no less than 4. Below is a schedule of rehearsal dates and times.



Each dancer needs a pair of plain black dance shorts, tan tights and white sneakers. We will provide you with a Red Metallic Camisole Tank Top and Royal Blue Poms at a cost of $30.00 for Child sizes and $32.00 for Adult sizes. It will be added to your costume bill. We can order dance shorts for you if you need them at a cost of $10.00 for Child sizes and $11.00 for adult sizes.



Tuesday, May, 28,   6:00-7:00

Friday, May 31,   4:00-5:30

Saturday, June 1,  12:30-2:00

Sunday, June 2,   2:00-3:30

Monday, June 3,   3:30-4:30

Tuesday, June 4,   4:00-5:00


Thursday, June 6,  4:00-5:00


Reminder: Unless otherwise specified by your teacher, all dance classes end on Saturday, June 1. Wednesday, June 5 is the Dress Rehearsal.