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We have taken the time to list certain policies and information for the dance season. This will maintain and develop a more professional school while upholding standards that will make this a perfect fit for all levels of dance education. Cooperation from everyone will ensure a postive experience for all students and staff.




Students are placed in class according to age, level of training and ability. Students learn at different rates and teachers pride themselves on the recognition of each student's abilities. If a student is incorrectly placd in a class you will be notified and the situation will be recified at once. The teacher is the onlly person who will decide placement. Dancing with a friend, convenient times, height, etc. are not considered enough reason for placing a student into or moving one out of a class.



Regular attendance results in steady progress. Take your lessons seriously. Missed classes mean missed material and may cause the student to fall behind. A student may be moved to a lower level class due to poor attendance. When a student is unable to attend a class, the school will provide a list of suitable classes that can serve as an alternative. Please notify the school in advance if you plan on attending one of our make-up classes. Missed classes must be made up within 30 days of absence.








Every part of a dance class is important. Lack of a proper warm-up can lead to injury. Every dancer must be properly dressed for the start of class. Please refer to our "Dress Code" page for dancewear requirements. Promptness also encourages responsible behavior and good manners.




We greatly appreciate when students refrain from coming to class if they are sick or are developing symptoms. Doing so will ensure that the student will get well faster and prevents the spread of germs. If a student is injured and has received medical attention for that injury, we require a doctor's note before the student can return to class.



Our calendar will indicate payment due dates, holidays, vacations, rehearsals, recital dates, and other relevant information. Periodically we will send out a newsletter with updates and other information on the progress of our school and its students. The school calendar is available on this web page.


Snow Days


We do not always close due to inclement weather even if School is cancelled. Often, the roads are cleared by the time our class hours begin. In the event of a cancellation, notifications will be sent out by email and text message. It will also be posted on social media.



Contact Us

There is always someone available at the studio during class hours. Therre are several ways to contact us. We  will respond promptly.

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Facebook Page:




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