Recital 2019

Ticket sales is Sunday, May 19th

Ticket Information/Ordering Instructions 2019

Ticket order forms are available to download and at the studio.

    Tickets for our 44th Recital will go on sale SUNDAY, May 19, 2019 from 8AM to 11AM at the Dance Gallery,

523 Franklin Street, 2nd Floor, Melrose. The information below will outline how we handle purchasing tickets.  

It has proven to be the fairest, easiest and fastest way. After reading this information, should you have any questions, please email or call us.

 1.    The recital is on SATURDAY, JUNE 8, 2019  at  2 PM ---  ALL SEATS ARE RESERVED.   
                                         The recital is at Memorial Hall at 590 Main Street in Melrose. 


  2.    Tickets are $22.00 which includes a $1 restoration fee for Memorial Hall required by the City of Melrose.   There is a 6 ticket minimum purchase per family but no maximum. The cost of $132.00 for the 6 tickets is   automatically added to your account and will be deducted once you purchase your tickets. You must pay for   your tickets at the time of purchase. No one is allowed to purchase tickets for another family. All seats are   reserved. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE A TICKET FOR A DANCER see # 5 below.


 3.    Because seats are reserved many families come early to purchase their seats especially because the recital   is only one performance. Parents who arrive early, sign their name on a list on the studio door and wait in their   cars (quietly please). I arrive at the studio between 5:00 and 5:30 AM. You may wait inside the studio at that   time.  At 6:00 I hand out numbers starting with names on the list - then you can go home. You  don’t have to   stand in a line until 8:00. We suggest having one person come to get a number and another come back to   purchase the tickets by 8:00 when we start calling numbers. You choose your seats, pay for them and you’re off.


 4.       Should you decide not to come on ticket day you can purchase tickets at the studio during class hours     
  until the recital. They will also be available at the door. Or, leave your order form with me at any time    
  and I will fill your order at 11:00 on Ticket Sale day when sales are over. You can see from  anywhere in the       Auditorium so you don’t have to come at 6 a.m.


 5.    All students will be required to stay for the entire performance and perform in the finale. We have found

 that when students leave after they perform, so do their guests in the audience leaving a practically empty   auditorium by the time the dancers in the second act perform.  A few hours once a year should not be a lot to   ask so that  all the dancers get the applause and recognition they deserve. If a dancer has completed all their   routines by intermission and have NO DANCES IN THE SECOND ACT other than the finale, they will be allowed

 to sit in a supervised reserved section of the auditorium until it is time for the finale.  A finale rehearsal schedule   will be handed out at a later date. NO STUDENT performing in ACT II will be allowed in the Auditorium to watch   the show. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE A TICKET FOR A DANCER. 
 6.     Safety and adequate supervision is a priority backstage. We have to limit the number of adults backstage   because of limited space. Proper identification will be provided to anyone assigned to the dressing area. Anyone   interested in helping during the recital in any way please be sure to sign up at ticket sales or see Wendy at

 Dress Rehearsal   Selection will be based on need. You will be contacted if needed and what your duties will be.  


  7.     All accounts for lessons and costumes must be paid in full before any costumes will be sent home.   


        If you have any questions about your account please email us @